A Letter from a Responder in Action

I am a Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Patrol, working in Bristol, UK. On the evening of 18 Nov 2009 I was parked just off the M32, when a vehicle pulled up behind me and an elderly gentleman came to my window and asked if I had a telephone he could use as a passenger in his vehicle had collapsed and was, as he put it, “gone”. 

I immediately checked her (the casualty) for breathing and for a pulse and there was none detected. I telephoned for an ambulance and began CPR on the back seat of the vehicle. I continued this for approximately 10 minutes until a rapid response vehicle arrived. The Paramedic told me to keep going while he set up his equipment. She was connected to a De-Fib and was in VF. The Paramedic shocked her twice and on the second time a normal rhythm returned. By this time another ambulance had arrived and the lady was put onto a stretcher and taken to the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

I have to say that whilst this event unfolded I was thinking of what I had been taught on my EFR Course and more recently on my Instructor course in September.  It was pretty much all automatic and I am so pleased I was able to help in an appropriate manner, hopefully going some way to saving this lady.

Since then I’ve checked on the condition of the lady I helped and the news is that she should make a good recovery and is expected to be discharged from hospital soon. When I visited the ambulance station in Bristol last evening the Paramedic who arrived at scene commented specifically that my intervention was the key factor in this person’s survival.
It’s the best feeling in the world knowing that my training went into automatic mode and my little bit of help has helped to preserve someone’s life.  It has given me the confidence to help again should the situation arise.

Many thanks for the quality training.

Dave Bennett – Emergency First Response Instructor


1 Response to “A Letter from a Responder in Action”

  1. 1 jenni December 23, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    Is this the Dave Bennett that lived in the village of pucklechurch bristol?

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